Can't believe it's taken me this long to make this first post, but things have been quite busy lately. Most of my time has been taken up by converting all 250+ files from H.264 to ProRes 422 (tech jargon). It takes about an hour or so just to convert 20 files so I'm just finishing up tonight. But after all the converting, we'll be ready to start editing from the footage we have.

The filming for the most part, went well. The New York shoot went very smoothly. All the crew were all in high spirits and we had a great time filming the first scene of the film. The opening credits are going to be hilarious. Filming at the Western town was quite the opposite. We ran into a few problems when we got to location and also not having a 1st AD definitely made things a little hectic and slightly unorganized. We have to go back to the location to get some pickup shots just because we didn't get everything we needed. Once it hit around 4:45pm, we started to lose light real fast which put me in a frantic shooting mode. 

Despite the chaos of the Old West, we still got a lot of good footage and hilarious takes. Shooting the western exteriors were not easy; dealing with the ever changing light, figuring out when to schedule everything, and racing against the sun were our biggest challenges. I feel with each day I'm learning something new and learning how to deal with all these challenges.

More blogging to come in the next few weeks, as well as more pictures and some behind the scenes footage.


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