WILL GOTTLIEB: Executive Producer/Writer/Director of Photography.

Growing up on a strict diet of SNL, Marx Brothers and Mel Brooks films, comedy has always been a part of my life. No matter the situation. I love to make people laugh. Although I do enjoy dramatic films, I feel that the root of cinema is to entertain the audience. Film is an amazing medium that allows a person to escape reality and enjoy the unreal. I hope that when you watch Cowboy Hustle, you will laugh so hard you pee your pants a little.

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Juliet Warren is a recent graduate of the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Film/Video with a concentration in Directing. She has worked alongside Becky Phillips, producing several SVA thesis films. Last May she completed her thesis film, a period piece about two strangers who fall in love in a bookshop in 1946. Along with a passion for directing, she also enjoys writing. She is currently working at a small production company in NYC.

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BRITTANY COHN: Production Designer

Brittany Cohn grew up in both New York and New Jersey and from an early age has immersed herself in all forms of art. Her passion for design, detail, and authenticity has made her one of the leading production designers and art directors at the School of Visual Arts, with over twenty credits to her name. She currently works at the Emmy Award winning television series, '30 Rock' under the props department.

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